• You can pay by bank, credit card (administrated by Stripe and Paypal. Philippe Sail does not handle any bank or credit card details. Please note that Stripe can make a credit check and if needed with a credit check company. These checks are never shared with a third party which means that it is never shown with other companies. This does not affect the credit value of a customer.  Philippe Sail has a SSL certificate. SSL make sure that all data sent through the webbserver and website remains private and encrypted.

    Paying with card

    Paying with bank or credit card safe online. Stripe and Paypal is administrating your payment safely encrypted and in accordance with strict bank standards. Your card details are sent directly through to your bank and cannot be accessed by anyone else but your bank. There are no extra charges when paying with bank card. Card payments dealt with Stripe are PCI-DSS certified which means that they follow the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.

    Personal Information

    When shopping with Philippe Sail we will save some of your data to fulfill your purchase. Philippe Sail treats all personal information confidential. You have the right to request access to your data and if there is anything wrong you can get it changed or removed. Philippe Sail may also use cookies, for example in order to improve your experience of the website.